About Us

Stanley Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) Limited


Stanley Pharma is a pharmaceutical company, the company was incorporated in 1995 as a private limited company with the Government of Pakistan, and since then the company took the responsibility of your precious health.


Stanley Pharmaceuticals (Pvt) ltd is a pharmaceutical manufacturing unit of Stanley group of industries. Besides pharmaceuticals the group is involved in the manufacturing and processing of foods products mainly Spices and recipes Masalajat.


Stanley Pharmaceuticals is situated at Industrial Estate Hayatabad Peshawar in the province of Khyber PakhtunKhwa Pakistan. The factory is spread over an area of 4 acres whereas the production area, stores and allied facilities are spread over, a covered area of around one lack fifty thousand square feet. There is a dedicated building for solid and liquid dosage forms. Solid dosage forms includes manufacturing and packing of tablets and capsules whereas liquid dosage facility is for manufacturing, filling and packing of liquids ,suspension and drops. There is a separate block for storage of finished products.

Principle of Working

At Stanley pharmaceuticals we believe in a simple principal that is “Quality Inputs results In Quality Outputs”. Quality inputs includes Raw Materials from world best sources, Quality inputs also includes good manufacturing practices such as proper manufacturing areas ,state of the art quality control laboratories and manufacturing machines. Quality inputs also includes well experienced production and quality control staffs. Hence combining all these quality inputs result in quality outputs, which are the end products. At present we are manufacturing around sixty different products in tablets, capsules, syrup, suspension and drops forms.

Production Areas

The production area is divided into different sections such as wet mixing section, drying section, granulation, drying mixing section, compression section, capsule filling section, coating section and blistering section. All these section have separate air handling system to avoid cross contamination. As a whole, the tablet and capsule production area is divided in to twelve sections. Each section have a separate air handling unit. The overall process of air handling and temperature control system is called HVAC(Heating ventilation and air condition system) . We at Stanley pharmaceutical have installed a state of the art HVAC system so as to ensure superior manufacturing process. A gas fired absorption chiller with a capacity of two hundred tons is installed to keep the required temperature in every section. For sensitive areas apart from absorption chiller, electrical condensing units are installed to ensure control temperature and humidity in sensitive areas. The condensing units starts working automatically, if due to any reason the required temperature and humidity are not achieved, so this ensures required control temperature and humidity during production.

Marketing Department

Stanley pharmaceuticals have a marketing department lead by General Manager Sales and marketing, supported by a national sale manager and three product managers who impart regular training to the marketing team.
We have around 350 sales promotion officers, 35 regional managers and 10 area sales managers who regularly visit doctor’s for promotion of Stanley pharmaceuticals products. We believe in ethical marketing and try to win doctors confidence by prescribing our products only and only by the virtue of our product quality. Within short span of 24 years, Stanley pharmaceuticals is widely respected for its quality products all over Pakistan. We wished to develop further with your support. We hope after observing our production areas, raw material sources and manufacturing practices, we will Inshallah secure your support which in turns will take us further ahead. We are thank full to almighty Allah that with his blessing we have achieved what’s Stanley pharmaceuticals is today and earnestly pray for his continuous blessing to take Stanley pharmaceuticals to new heights.