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Sources of Raw Materials  
The use of quality raw material from the world best sources is the prime objective of Stanley. We search the globe for the best source of raw material to keep up the quality products.
 Name of Raw Material  Manufacturer  Country
 Paracetamol Mallinkcrodt USA
 Vitamins Roche Switzerland
 Pipmedic Acid Unibios Italy
 Aluminum Hydroxide Koywa Japan
 Magnesium Koywa Japan
 Simethicone Dow Corning USA
 Dexthrometherphane Roche Germany
 Pholcodine Macfarlan Smith Ltd. UK
 Clomophin Citrate Heumann Pharma Germany
 Clotrimazole Farchemia S.R.L Italy
 Ciprofloxacine Uqifa Spain
 Empty Caps. Shell Su Heng Korea
 Ferrous Sulphate Kirsch Germany
 Ibuprofen Albamarle USA
 Mecobalamin   Spain
 Mefanamic Acid Nigo Smart China
 Ferrous Sulphate Dr. Paul Lohmann Germany
 Vivapur 200 JRS Germany
 Megnabrite American Colloidal USA
 Opadry Color Con USA
 Metronidazole Benzoate Aarti Drugs India



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